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Vivactis UK, member of Vivactis Consulting Group, is a marketing and communications agency specialized
in healthcare and located in Bristol.

We offer medical marketing and communication services for companies (Pharma, Biotech,
Medtech, Diagnostics, Nutrition), clinics, hospitals, research centres and NGOs active in life sciences
and healthcare to support them in:

  • Product launch & marketing strategies
  • Medical & scientific communication
  • Medical education
  • Direct-to-patient communication
  • Phase IV studies
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Our Vision & Mission

The healthcare sector is one of the biggest and most rapidly growing fields today with tremendous technological advances. As a consequence, healthcare professionals need to be kept up-to-date and trained about the novel solutions. In addition, patients are becoming more and more conscious about their health and request to be well informed. For these reasons, the life science and healthcare sectors need professionals who are highly specialized in these fields and capable of communicating properly, at the right time and to the right target.

  • Our Vision

    Actively contribute to the progress of healthcare

  • Our Mission

    Connect the different stakeholders of the life science and medical fields

  • Our Solutions

    To achieve our mission, we provide our clients with high-quality and customized marketing and communications solutions to fill the gaps in life science and medical communication, while always focusing on the patients. Our team with a dual scientific and marketing background perfectly understands the players and their needs, as well as the stakes and trends of the healthcare sector.

Management Team

Thierry Weber, MD – Co-founder

Thierry Weber, a British and Swiss binational, holds a degree and a doctorate in medicine. For several years, he worked as a physician in various hospitals (Switzerland and South Africa) and a private practice. He then had the opportunity to join the pharmaceutical industry (marketing and clinical studies), before moving on to the medtech sector. With the main intention to build bridges between physicians and the industry, always keep in the interest of the patient in mind, Thierry co-founded Vivactis Switzerland with Vivactis Group. He presently lives in Switzerland, in the “Health Valley” area and acts as marketing advisor for small life sciences companies and is professor at Lausanne University Business School (MBA healthcare marketing). He is passionate about digital health and communication to patients.

Andrew Lake, Managing Partner

Andrew has 28 years of experience in the Pharmaceutical, global medical communications and healthcare advertising industries, working with many of the world’s most successful Healthcare companies and brands.Working across the product lifecycle, providing clients with senior communications consultancy and delivering programmes that help drive brand growth and educational impact, Andy has a proven track-record for working closely in partnership with client teams. He has a particular passion for complex, chronic and rare diseases where he works to create competitively differentiating and medically sound communications platforms. He strongly believes that it is depth of knowledge, clarity of strategy and creative thinking that lies at the heart of successful medical communications.


Our Expertise

Deep knowledge of the life sciences and medical sectors

• Very good understanding of the needs of the healthcare professionals, life scientists and patients
• Strong knowledge of the challenges in the field
• Industry expertise
• Long-standing collaborations with both industrial and academic/research partners

Multidisciplinary and complementary competencies

• Combined medical, scientific, marketing and communication skills
• Understanding of complex scientific data and projects
• Strong scientific & medical writing skills, including phase IV study documentation
• Long experience in coaching and training healthcare professionals
• Management of complex projects on the short and long term
• Expertise in the field of business development and product launch

UK and International experience and network:

• Experience of the British market
• Excellent understanding of the local political and regulatory authorities
• Broad British/European network (KOLs, politicians, scientific journalists…)
• Multicultural flexibility and multilingual team
• Close collaborations with Vivactis Group affiliates on large-scale international projects

Our Capabilities

100% active in healthcare and life sciences

Vivactis is specialized in marketing and communications for the healthcare and life sciences fields. We offer customized consulting and communication solutions that are fully adapted to these highly specific sectors and to the British and international markets.

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